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Experience Water & Wastewater Treatment

The Industrial Services Group has worked with numerous cities and towns in the Northeast upgrading and repairing water treatment and wastewater treatment plants to meet environmental protection standards, and incorporate the latest technological advancements at aging facilities.  Our projects have included pump repair and replacement, gravity feed equipment setting and maintenance, chemical feed system installation, and instrumentation & control systems.  We have comprehensive experience with anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment facilities that use these systems to provide electricity and heat for their facility operations.


Falmouth, MA - Water Treatment Control System
The Industrial Services Group Installed an automated control system at the Long Pond Treatment plant.Read More
Manchester, NH - Boiler Removal and Replacement
Replaced three oil-fired boilers with a new four-unit gas-fired hydronic heating plant. Read More
Attleboro, MA - Reservoir Pump Station Improvements
Eighty year old components were replaced with a custom fabricated surge tank and new butterfly valve.Read More
Greenville, NH - Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
Replaced raw water pumps and a VFD display system at Greenville's, Water Treatment Plant.Read More
North Andover, MA - Complex Pump Replacement
A pump at the Riverside Pump Station was removed, completely rebuilt, and then reinstalled.Read More
Rockport, MA - Sewer Pump Station Upgrade
The leakage threat to an adjacent beach required a complete overhaul of a sewer pump station.Read More
Bangor, ME - Butterfly Valve Removal and Replacement
This project removed and replaced the aging butterfly valve at the Kenduskeag Pump Station.Read More
Chicopee, MA - Pollution Control Facility Upgrade
The project repaired the critical secondary clarifiers at the Chicopee water pollution control facility.Read More
Worcester, MA - Sewer Catch Basin Cleaning
The project not only involved cleaning of the catch basin, but the replacement of valves and pipes as well.Read More
Manchester, NH - Primary Clarifier Upgrades
Three primary clarifiers and gravity thickeners were upgraded at the wastewater treatment plant.Read More
Billerica, MA - Energy Efficient Upgrades
Upgraded components including three 100 HP wastewater pumps, wet well monitoring, SCADA and VFD systems.Read More
Salem, MA - Combined Heat and Power Facility
This is a Modular Combined Heat & Power Facility at the South Essex Sewerage District Treatment Plant.Read More
Lawrence, MA - Historic Water Tower Repair
Severe damage to the spire of the High Service Water Tower required extensive repair.Read More
Walpole, MA - Installation of water tank mixing systems
Installation of submersible tank mixing systems at four water storage tanks in Walpole, MA.Read More
Attleboro, MA - Reservoir Dam & Pump Station Rehab
This Project provides improvements for the aging Luther Reservoir Dam and Pump Station. Read More